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The Importance of Functional Sprinkler Systems

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There are numerous examples of how crucial a fully operational sprinkler system is in any fire risk situation. A potentially devastating fire was prevented from taking hold recently at a shopping centre in Carlisle. Apparently a defective extractor fan in a lavatory had been left running and began to burn when the building was closed. When the fire and rescue services attended after being alerted by the Automatic Fire Detection System, the fire had already been extinguished by the sprinkler head. This event demonstrates the need for sprinkler protection to be included in lavatories as well as other parts of a building. This is just one of the vast amount of documented incidents in which a disaster was averted. Even where fires have become more established, a sprinkler system while maybe not completely putting a fire out, will usually limit its spread.

Sprinkler systems are described by the UK fire brigade as a ‘potential life saving tool’, and suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is a compulsory requirement for commercial, multi occupancy and non domestic premises in England and Wales. Where this is neglected, an unlimited fine or up to 2 years in prison can be imposed.

Environmental factors are also a consideration as sprinklers reduce the amount of water needed to contain a fire by 0.02% to 17%, and carbon emissions are also minimised in fires where sprinklers were active.

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