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High Quality Fire Fighting Products and Equipment for a Range of Applications

Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals & Equipment, High Quality Attack Systems

fireOne of the main priorities here at ABC Macintosh Ltd, is providing fire fighting products and equipment which safely, effectively and swiftly bring fire under control in any situation, while causing minimal environmental damage. As a forward thinking company we are dedicated to reviewing and utilising innovative developments within the industry. We design and manufacture high quality fire fighting products and equipment which are tried and tested by experts in the field. We supply competitively priced and environmentally friendly fire fighting chemicals for fire extinguisher manufacturers, fire extinguishing servicing companies and fire brigades.

All to frequently, we see in the news chemical fires which have presented huge problems where extinction is concerned, not to mention the risk to life and devastating after effects. This type of fire perhaps more than most raises significant fire fighting challenges for all concerned. The UK Fire and Rescue Service need to know that they have access to high performance products and equipment. Hazardous applications within chemical plants, petrochemical plants and the nuclear industry for example can very quickly get out of hand, and lead to life or death situations. These events require exceptionally reliable products and equipment which are not only trouble free to use but which are safe for operators and the environment.

ABC Macintosh provide the solution to this kind of scenario, with a range of products including dry powders, wetting agents, foam concentrates, antifreeze and anti foaming agents. Our equipment includes foam inducers, extinguishers and fire attack systems. This excellent range proves a highly successful, fire suppressing response in the incidence of woodland fires, and petrochemical plant, chemical plant and nuclear plant blazes. Post fire toxic residue or waste is not an issue with our products, and our continuously developed, fully functional equipment means a first rate result.

Equipment such as fire fighting foam and water delivery systems, available from ABC Macintosh has constantly attracted positive ratings and approvals for our manufacturing clients. Call us on 01536 260333.

High Performance Foam & Water Delivery Systems, Fire Suppressants, Dry Powder, Foam Concentrates, & Wetting Agents