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A Year of Successes

Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals, Foams, Powders & Fire Attack Systems

2018 has so far been an incredible year for the team here at ABC Macintosh, which is not only good news for us, but also highlights the positive message provided by eco friendly fire fighting products! Innovative chemicals and equipment are having an increasing impact across the globe, and we are extremely proud to be at the heart of that process.

The year got off to an amazing start as our international marketing associates 3F, formed an alliance with major manufacturers of fire fighting systems, Wormald. The Australian company is a leader in fire protection, providing a vast range of systems, equipment and products and catering to many industries. They share our vision of distributing high quality, safe and effective products which will lower risk of or quickly suppress fire.

The year also saw us winning a contract for 3F to supply fire fighting foam used in industrial transformers to Telesto, based in Poland. These specialists in fire fighting technology, also develop and manufacture safe fire fighting products. They are a versatile company, and are also involved in a range of activities including dust control, object decontamination and other applications.

In Singapore we will be supplying the Singapore Navy with fluoro free foam on all of their ships. Marine firefighters on these ships receive rigorous and intensive training, and in the event of a fire onboard, are required to suit up in equipment weighing 9kg in under a minute, negotiate a pilot ladder of between 5 and 9 metres to breach the vessel, then put on the 12kg breathing apparatus. This elite squad needs the highest performance equipment and systems in order to successfully contain and extinguish fires on ships. One of the most hazardous and demanding situations to have to deal with. We also won several lucrative contracts this year to supply foam for oil industry operators PDVSA in South and Central America.

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