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Effective & Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Solutions

ABC MacIntosh is a UK company with an international reputation for the manufacture and supply of effective fire fighting chemicals, foams and specialist equipment. We work closely with fire fighters, fire brigades and high risk industries to produce efficient and environmentally sensitive fire fighting solutions.

We would like to welcome customers, partners and friends to our new blog. Over the coming months ABC MacIntosh hope to share some of our knowledge and experience of fighting fires in the most difficult of environments.

ABC MacIntosh specialise in providing the right fire fighting products and equipment for every environment.

One example of this is in tackling forest fires. Climate change, global warming and an increasingly fragile ecosystem have seen an increase in the number of forest and heathland fires around the world. Forest fires provide a difficult and dangerous challenge for fire fighters and one of the common problems is that forest fires often occur where water is hard to find. A difficult situation is then made worse by the fact that the damage caused by many fire fighting chemicals can be harmful to the environment they are designed to protect.

ABC Macintosh has developed a range of foam concentrates and additives that are highly efficient in combating forest fires. They are environmentally friendly, leaving no toxic wastes or residue once the fire is extinguished.

ABC MacIntosh have an extensive range of fire extinguishers, foams  and fire fighting products designed for use in the petrochemical industry. Fluorosurfactant free foams that can be used to extinguish hydrocarbon-based fires are equally effective in treating biofuels, ethanol and ethanol blends. Fluorosurfactant free foams give fire fighters the confidence to tackle chemical fires in any environment.

Fluorosurfactant free foams, dry powders, foam concentrates and wetting agents have also been developed by ABC MacIntosh specifically for use in nuclear facilities.

Having the right foam concentrate, wetting agent, dry powder or surfactant free foam is only part of the solution. ABC MacIntosh has created a range of mobile Fire Attack Systems designed to tackle fires in every environment. Fire Attack Systems are effective for industrial fires and forest fires and can be employed as auxiliary fire fighting units.

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Effective & Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Solutions