Exciting New Alliance

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We can be nothing but impressed and encouraged at the efforts made by manufacturers of fire fighting products to provide a safe environmentally friendly solution these days. Major names within the industry are taking the initiative and working together to bring extremely positive outcomes.

Our worldwide marketing associate company 3F recently announced their new partnership with Wormald, who manufacture sustainable fire fighting products. Already known for its leading technologically advanced foam concentrates, 3F is recognised the world over for their innovative and forward thinking approach.

Wormald is a specialst fire protection company in Australia, operating in almost 40 locations and catering to industries including building and construction, oil and gas, defence, mining, power generation, healthcare, leisure management, corporate, education and IT&T. It is committed to considering people, property and the environment, which is why, in response to concerns about global warming, it is expanding it’s range of Fluorine Free Foam products. Traditional Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFFs) have been identified as having a negative environmental impact due partly to them containing fluorinated surfactants such as PFOA and PFOS.

Solvents used in fire fighting foams, carries a risk of compromised health and can damage the environment due to it’s organic load composition. They have a high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) which could overload water treatment plants. Also in the event that they are released into rivers or lakes they may contribute to asphyxiation resulting in oxygen consumption.

Justin Morris, Technical Director at Wormald explained, “Wormald is pleased to announce it has negotiated an exclusive partnership with 3F, a business that is leading the world in the development of efficient and environmentally friendly fire fighting foams and equipment through its fluorine free and solvent-free formula,”

Wormald will offer their customers 3F’s FREEDOL SF, a fluorine and solvent free foam agent which contains substantially less COD compared to typical AFFF’s. The high performance products are approved by Global-Mark, and comply with Queensland’s Fire Fighting Foam policy announced by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in 2016, which will require full compliance by no later than July 6, 2019.

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