Fire Fighting in the Marine Environment

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image by Sue GordonPerhaps one of the most dangerous situations at sea is fire, as there is nowhere for those on board to run and no chance of immediate outside help unless a port is nearby. Any fire damage to the structure or mechanisms of the vessel could be catastrophic and seriously life threatening. Advanced fire suppression technology and high performance fire resistant materials have been developed to help tackle any fires on ships or boats, and are extremely effective. This should not however be used as a substitute for properly delivered fire fighting and prevention training. Fires can be caused in a number of ways, including mechanical failure, accident or carelessness.
In recent years, infrared technology, sophisticated fire fighting systems and revolutionary extinguishing agents have meant that shipboard fires are less likely. Breathing apparatus and protective equipment have improved safety incredibly in the marine environment. A strict regulatory framework is in place globally concerning marine safety, which came about as the waters got gradually busier.

Fires at sea can be caused by a variety of events such as collisions, accidents, engine failure and of course ignition of cargo. Static structures or rigs out to sea are also potentially volatile as many contain gas or oil. Coastal waters all over the world feature offshore wind farms, tidal and wave power renewable energy installations, military facilities and scientific research and monitoring stations. All of which are potentially at risk of hazards like fire and where swift action is needed to limit damage and injury. Modern chemical and engineering applications have had a significant effect in reducing the devastating consequences of fires at sea.

When it comes to fire extinction, 3F are the experts with over 20 years experience in their field, and are committed to offering a powerful, environmentally friendly, cost effective solution to customers internationally. They have in excess of 30 foam fire fighting products in their range including standard, alcohol resistant, Hi EX and eco friendly foams. 3F now also offer purpose designed sea vessels to fight fire at sea or in port and to control any pollution produced.

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