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Fire Fighting Chemicals - Effective Extinction & Environmentally Friendly

ABC MacIntosh manufactures fire fighting products designed to be highly effective, whilst also having minimal environmental / ecological impact. Since formation in 1998 we have engaged in an intense process of continuous development of fire fighting chemicals and delivery products to deal with a wide range of challenging fire hazard situations. Not only are these products effective in fighting fires, the chemicals are formulated to minimise the harmful environmental effects of the chemical ingredients.


Many standard fire fighting chemicals contaminate land and waterways as they run off from the fire location. Some chemical ingredients have actually been banned from use by Eurpoean Directive.

ABC MacIntosh has developed a comprehensive range of fire fighting foams and powders to deal safely and effectively with most fire hazards.


Cost Effective Fire Fighting Products

We are very conscious of the fact that whilst ecological considerations are important in the selection of fire fighting chemicals, economics also plays a significant role. This fact is heavily influential in our product development programme. As a consequence, in their field of application, our fire fighting chemicals compare favourably against others in fire extinction performance and cost effectiveness. The ecological performance is an additional benefit, at no additional cost.

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Fire Fighting Chemicals - High Extinction & Ecological Performance

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